Digital Games Production

Yr12/13 BTEC National Extended Certificate Digital Games Production

Units Taught

  • Digital Media Skills
  • Digital Games Production
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Environments
  • 3D Digital Animation


Main Skills Developed

You will learn and develop skills through the use of industry standard software and facilities, preparing you for both higher education and employment. You will study aspects of professional practice within the gaming industry as part of the course. BTEC National Digital Games Production  provides transferable knowledge and skills that prepare students for progression to university. The transferable skills that universities value include:

  • the ability to learn independently
  • the ability to research actively and methodically
  • being able to give presentations and being active group members.

There are also specific requirements in some units for assessment of these skills where relevant, for

example, where learners are required to undertake real or simulated activities. The mandatory and optional units chosen encourage learners to develop the specific practical skills that employers are looking for.


How can parents help to support learning?

Students will benefit from having adequate ICT access at home with design software such as ‘Blender’ so that they can practice and develop the skills taught in the classroom.  By encouraging students to develop their own projects they will develop a greater level of mastery and create a bank of personally created examples that can be used to showcase their talents.


Useful Websites


Extra-Curricular opportunities

As part of the Sixth Form provision we participate in a number of national and international coding and ‘ethical hacking’ competitions.  We also encourage our students to publish their work for peer review.

SMSC & British Values

Appreciating cultural influences; appreciating and understanding the role of Britain's parliamentary system in ‘policing’ technology with focus on the digital gaming industry.

Discussing advances in technology and appreciation for human achievement. How development in technology has impacted different cultures and backgrounds in different ways. More developed countries are able to keep pace with the developments in technology whilst less developed ones can’t. Students learn about how this can impact on the people in the country and form larger skills gaps.

Whilst studying various aspects of digital games production students are asked to reflect on how different cultures are portrayed on the internet and why or who is portraying them in this way. Students are also challenged to think about how differing cultures access and use the internet and what implications this has on the individual and the culture.