Enterprise and Marketing

Year 10 OCR National Enterprise and Marketing

Units Taught

R064: Enterprise and marketing concepts

  • Understand how to target a market
  • Understand what makes a product or service financially viable
  • Understand product development
  • Understand how to attract and retain customers
  • Understand factors for consideration when starting up a business
  • Understand different functional activities needed to support a business start-up


Main Skills Developed

Transferable skills enable young people to face the demands of further and higher education,

as well as the demands of the workplace, and are important in the teaching and learning of

this qualification. We will provide teaching and learning materials, developed with

stakeholders, to support our qualifications.  We actively encourage our students to develop a wide range of skills.  These include non-routine problem solving (expert thinking, metacognition, creativity, systems thinking (decision making and reasoning), Critical thinking (analysing, synthesising and reasoning skills) and ICT literacy.  We develop Interpersonal skills such as communication skills, relationship-building skills, collaborative problem solving, adaptability and self-management and self-development.


How can parents help to support learning?

Encourage students to attempt all homework tasks. We have also found that reading around the subject and taking an interest in current affairs helps students to see how their studies can be applied to the ‘real world’.  Students can also be supported by discussing news stories and giving them the opportunity to develop and express their own opinions as to what is happening, why it is happening and possible implications.  This is a busy time for business related news so there is plenty to talk about!


Useful Websites




Extra-Curricular opportunities

Yr10 students have the opportunity to join the ‘Enterprise Club’ to not only further their own studies but take part in regional and national business related competitions.


SMSC & British Values

Students are encouraged to explore their own feelings and meaning and reflect upon topics such as ethics, considering the actions that businesses should take. This enables students to consider other people’s aims, values and beliefs.

They investigate a wide range of businesses, from local sole traders to multinational organisations, considering the similarities and differences in how they operate. They also consider how their local community be can be affected by business closures and redundancies as well as new business opportunities.

Students consider the impact of marketing and advertising campaigns.

How cultural awareness of the audience needs to be shown when communicating in business

Students have the opportunity to learn about how changes in business practices have occurred due to increased awareness of environmental issues (e.g. waste disposal including recycling, energy saving measures, carbon footprint).

Students also explore the effect on natural resources of production and operational activities, including the sourcing of raw materials. The understanding of environmental issues will only form part of the assessment requirements where they are relevant to the specific content of the specification and have been identified within the taught content. Learners may choose to produce work that has an environmental theme or to enhance their learning by carrying out further personal study.