Extracurricular programme September 2021

Sports Programme - 2.50pm to 4pm
Day Activity Year group/s Teacher







Mr Potts, Mr Stuart, Mr Walker

Mrs Seve, Mrs Potts

Mrs Anderson


Girls' football





10, 11

Mr Middleton, Mr Astwood

Mr Witty, Mr Saunders

Miss Fitzgerald

Friday Fitness 8 Mr Sandford
Performing Arts - 2.50pm to 4pm
Day Activity Year group/s Teacher
Monday CAST Drama Club  all students Mrs Cutler

Trinity Choir Club - main hall


GCSE dance intervention



Whole school production rehearsals

all students



Year 10 & 11

Miss Brosnan



Miss Porter



Mrs Cutler


Senior Choir - room 146


Whole school production rehearsals

selected students

Miss Brosnan


Mrs Cutler

Friday Rock band selected students Mr Guest
Peri Music Lessons - For information about learning to play an instrument please email PMacDonald@trinityacademy.org.uk


Additional activities
Day Activity Year group/s Teacher

Christian Union in

The Heart on Main Street


Gardening Club


Games Club in Room 139

all students welcome



all students welcome


all students welcome

Mr Mattinson



Mr Priestley


Miss Brown


Media Production Company in Room 139


Sunrise Club

in Room 129

a safe space for students to talk and learn about support available in school

all students welcome



all students welcome

Miss Brown



6th Formers / Miss Billington

Every day

*Breakfast Club

8am to 8.25am


Homework and Reading Club 2.50-3.50pm (except Fridays)

all students welcome



all students welcome

Mrs Seve



Mrs Whitehead and Miss Coe


*About Breakfast Club

In co-ordination with ‘The National School Breakfast Programme delivered by Family Action’ , Trinity Academy will be holding a breakfast club each morning for all students in the Academy. Breakfast club will run from 8am to 8.25am each morning and students will be able to access free breakfast.

Senior Academy breakfast club will be held in the Sower restaurant and Junior Academy club will be held in the Harvester restaurant.

This is co-ordinated by Mrs Seve, starting Monday 20 September for all year groups in the Sower Restaurant initially.


Benefits of Physical Activity

There are a range of benefits to taking part in physical activity:

Physical benefits

·         maintain a healthy weight

·         improve fitness

·         reduce the chances of becoming ill


Emotional benefits

·         have some fun

·         increased confidence and self-esteem

·         to provide relief from stress and anxiety


Social benefits 

·         Make new friends

·         Communicate and cooperate with others

·         Develop teamwork skills


With all these benefits in mind the PE department at Trinity put on a varied and extensive programme of extra- curricular activities throughout the year with the aim of as many students as possible engaging in at least one activity.


Activities we offer are:

·         Football

·         Rugby

·         Basketball

·         Netball

·         Hockey

·         Badminton

·         Fitness

·         Trampolining

·         Cricket

·         Rounders

·         Tennis

·         Athletics

·         Boxing


So, if you simply want to take part recreationally or if you are a bit more competitive and want to represent your House or a School team then all you need to do is come along to the PE department after school with your PE kit and get involved. Even if you have never tried the activity before you are more than welcome to join in and learn some new skills.