Travel and Tourism

Yr12/13 BTEC National Extended Certificate Travel and Tourism

Units Taught


  • The World of Travel and Tourism
  • Global Destinations
  • Principles of Marketing in Travel and Tourism
  • Visitor Attractions


Main Skills Developed

BTEC National Travel and Tourism provides transferable knowledge and skills that prepare students for progression to university. The transferable skills that universities value include:

  • the ability to learn independently
  • the ability to research actively and methodically
  • being able to give presentations and being active group members.

BTEC learners can also benefit from opportunities for deep learning where they are able to make

connections among units and select areas of interest for detailed study. BTEC Nationals provide a

vocational context in which learners can develop the knowledge and skills required for particular

degree courses, including effective writing, analytical skills and creative development.


How can parents help to support learning?

Parents can support by encouraging students to keep up with homework and keeping a regular ‘revision’ timetable throughout the course.  Students can be supported in developing a deep understanding of the topics covered in this course by applying their knowledge to real businesses.  This can be encouraged by discussing news stories and giving them the opportunity to develop and express their own opinions.  This is a busy time for business and travel and tourism related news so there is always plenty to discuss.


Useful Websites


Extra-Curricular opportunities

As part of the Sixth Form provision we participate in a number of national and international competitions.  These range from stocks and share dealing competitions to innovation challenges.  We also operate a mini-enterprise for students to develop their enterprise skills.


SMSC & British Values

We would regularly learn about different laws in Britain and how they can compare to other countries.

Students know that they have a voice that is listened to in Travel and Tourism as when we they take part in group activities like mini enterprises or competitions and challenges.

Students looking at the moral issues associated with business promotion and advertising and considering what the "correct” conduct is for a business to undertake.

Students considering the impact that various businesses both local and national will have upon their local areas and communities.

Students looking at the impact that businesses have upon the different stakeholders who have an interest in the way that a business operates.

Students investigating business ethics and considering the ethical boundaries which businesses must operate within.

Students looking at the cultural differences between different customer groups which businesses may be targeting their products/services towards and how these differences will impact upon sales.

Students looking at the issues of unemployment and economic factors relating to businesses, and thinking about how these external factors will have an impact upon society.

Students considering the costs and benefits to society and the wider community as a result of business decisions.