At Emmanuel Schools Foundation we provide an education of character underpinned by our Christian ethos.

As a ‘character-first’ foundation we strive to cultivate good character as an end in itself; this raises expectations and supports high levels of performance. Our work is characterised by the pursuit of excellence as we seek to make the most of the gifts and talents we have been given.

We believe in human beings’ outstanding potential, creativity and capacity for good as each one is made ‘in the image of God’. We also acknowledge we all need instruction, motivation and practice if we are to nurture the virtues underpinning good character.

We gain hope for the future as we show gratitude for what we have now. We practise the virtue of love as we act unselfishly for the good of others and are able to forgive. We exercise wisdom as we choose the right course of action and display integrity as we are truthful with ourselves and others. We gain fortitude and courage as we rise to challenges, learning to overcome adversity and to develop resilience. We develop self-control as we regulate our emotions and impulses and show humility as we are teachable and keen to learn from our mistakes. We act with justice as we treat others with respect and fairness.

Our inspiration for these virtues, and our schools’ core values of honourable purpose, humility, compassion, integrity, accountability, courage and determination, is the life and ministry of Christ Jesus.



Our vision is that every child at Trinity Academy will flourish – will grow in a healthy and vigorous way in body, mind and spirit.


We believe that each of our students is made in the image of God (‘Imago Dei’) and therefore infinitely precious, gifted for a purpose and morally responsible.

The MISSION of Trinity Academy is to raise standards across the curriculum and forge strong character. We will do this by building a community in which every child is seen as infinitely precious, gifted for a purpose, and morally responsible.

  • To provide a centre of academic excellence where all students and staff have the opportunity to work hard to achieve their personal best.
  • To encourage personal, moral and spiritual development within a Christian framework.
  • To create a disciplined, sensitive environment where everyone is equally valued

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